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Reviews of Performers Who Worked with HIV Infected Actors

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<Ginger Lynn is a SURVIVOR. Ginger Lynn worked with John Holmes in 1984's "Girls On Fire," 1985's "Grafenberg Spot" and 1986's "Devil In Mr. Holmes." She has not been diagnosed with the Aids virus nor was she HIV positive. After she left the adult industry she went on to do B-movies and mainstream films. While she was no longer doing adult films, many compilations came out that derived old footages from prior films into so-called another film dated a later date. In the 1988 film *compilation of "Ginger Lynn The Movie" it was even made to look as if Ginger Lynn and John Holmes worked in a scene the year he died of Aids/HIV, which is not true as the footage came out of some past film scene, probably one of the above three listed here which were shot 1984-1986. She's very fortunate, especially since she didn't actually work with John Holmes right before he died. The footage is real, but the date of release deceives viewers... and in that sense: that movie was a fake to discredit her character image whether intentionally or not... while she was trying to pursue a mainstream career! When Ginger Lynn was in the adult industry she had performed in approximately: 5 films with non-intimate rolls and 75 original intimate rolls in films. There were double the amount of compilations that came out of the amount of films she actually performed in, which were derived from the original footage and not actual scenes she had done. Her film credits appear as though she's done over 220 films, even though she had only done 75 adult films that had intimate rolls. Overall, Ginger Lynn had been in approximately 6 films with John Holmes & 14 films with Marc Wallice, and some of those films were NOT originals... they were compilations. She's very fortunate that she did not work with either actor once they were highly active with Aids/HIV! Ginger left the adult industry 1986. With the psychological effects that come with who she had worked with while in the adult industry and dealing with some of the scandalous types of compilations that come out, no wonder she had been doing drugs at one point. At least she was trying to do other things! Then after studying drama, played in episodes of mainstream television series, played in "Young Guns II" and dated Charlie Sheen from 1990 to 1992, opened a lingerie store 1994 (trying to have a legit life), yet later played a roll in VCA Picture's "White Lightning" performing an-l/DP and in year 2000 adult film "Taken" where she worked with Evan Stone, Hershel Savage & others. She performed a DP/DPP in VCA Picture's year 2000 film "New Wave Hookers 6." Ginger worked again performing an-l with old timer Hershel Savage in VCA Pictures's 2003 adult film "Love And Bullets." Then in 2004 she performed an-l/DP in Platinum X Pictures film "Size Queens 1." Basically, she had gotten sucked right back into the adult porn industry. Then somewhere along the line she met Vivid's co-owner Steve Hirsch, had a child, and received $20,000 in child support per month. At least Ginger's is a happy (not ending, but...) beginning of a better life... separated from porn again, in a sense.


Jewel De'Nyle

(aka: Jewel DeNyle)
Daughter of Colorado State Legislator

<Jewel De'Nyle did an an-l porn scene with Darren James (who tested HIV positive 2004) in the Platinum X Pictures 2004 porn film "Jewel De'Nyle's Last Movie." She is a white female with dark-brown hair, born August 1977 in Wetmore, Colorado. Her adoptive father was a former Colorado state legislator, Larry Jack Schwarz. Jewel was active in porn 1998-2004, with compilations derived from previous footages thereafter. Jewel was in over 200 original porn films and there are more than 30 compilations out derived from footages of previous films. She had a non-sex roll in a porn film in 2006 and also directed over 60 porn films until 2006. Jewel had been dating Peter North from 1998-2000. Peter North was bisexual and had done gay porn in his past, but supposedly had not worked with any gay porn performers who came out with Aids/HIV. Peter North (aka: Alden Brown, Al Brown, Matt Ramsey) was born in Canada and started in porn when he was in debt. After no longer dating Peter, Jewel De'Nyle had gone on to marry Michael Stefano (aka: Mike Long) on March 9, 2002, but later they divorced in 2003. Jewel had also previously worked with Jenna Jameson (who also worked with Peter North) & Jon Dough. Jewel received the following AVN Awards: Performer of the Year, Best An-l S-x Scene 2003, Best Girl-Girl Scene.
<The performers here have worked with other performers who later were Aids infected/HIV positive. These performers did not test HIV positive and are very fortunate. The point is, that's how close the risk factor is in the adult film industry to possibly contracting Aids/HIV. These performers may not have come up positive with Aids/HIV, but to come that close to performers who have come up positive is all the more reason why protective intimate products need to be available when performers engage in intimacy while filming in these scenes. Even if it's not wanted by certain production companies, performers should insist that protective intimate products be allowed, or just go ahead and use protective intimate products in any form that the performer can manage!

Bunny Blue

(aka: Bunny Bleu, Kim Morgan, Kim Warner, Kirsti Warner, Ruby Smart)

<Bunny Blue had not been officially diagnosed with the Aids/HIV virus. Bunny Blue was born June 1964. She was active in the porn industry starting: 1983, compilations until: 2002. Bunny's track record: she had been in over 500 adult films, and of those 500 films, around 300 of the films were original films of scenes she actually performed intimately in, around 100 of the rolls were non-intimate acting-only rolls that did not involve s-x, and around 100 films were compilations derived from old footages of previous films. Of the ten adult films she had been in with Marc Wallice... one of the films that she did a scene with him was Zane's 1994 "Sordid Stories 1" in which no an-l was performed between her and Marc Wallice, neither with Marc and anyone else in the film. In 1998 Bunny Bleu was in the film "World's Biggest An-l Ga-g Bang" (...which both Brooke Ashley & Marc Wallice were also in, both of which are infected with Aids/HIV).

Traci Lords

(aka: Tracy Lords, Traci Elizabeth Lords)

<Traci Lords is a SURVIVOR. While underaged did a DPP with Harry Reems & Rick Savage in the same film John Holmes was in, 1985's "Grafenberg Spot." She's fortunate that the scene was not with John Holmes and that she did not acquire Aids/HIV while performing unprotected intimate acts. She has not been diagnosed with the virus. Traci Lords was born in May 1968 in Steubenville, Ohio. She started in the adult industry at age 16 and was active as a performer from 1984 until it was found out that she was underaged. Compilations: until 1987. She has been in over 100 adult films. (Not "Wet Shots: Double Penetration 2! More than one film or compilation came out back then with the same title. The one here was directed by John T. Bone, & the distributor: Pleasure.) Traci Lords did a DPP in the 1987 film "Double Penetration 2" which also starred: Amber Lynn, Buffy Davis, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice (who tested HIV positive), Tom Byron & others. That's what you would have thought had you NOT read that the film is a compilation. Exactly what year did that DPP scene of Traci Lords actually get compiled from, what footage from what prior film then? So, Ron Jeremy really isn't in this film either, it's just footage from some other film being thrown into this pile of fantasy. A compilation is compiled of scenes from past films, usually. Had it not been for being underaged at the time she performed in the adult industry, Traci Lords probably would have still been in it. She went on to be in many mainstream feature movies after she renounced her porn film past. She was also in a minor role on "Married With Children" as the dental assistant. In the mainstream film and television industry Traci Lords was in: 1993's "The Tommyknockers," played Emma Conway in 1993's "Tales from the Crypt," played Wendy Monroe in 1996's "Blood Money," 1999's "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," 2000's "Epicenter," 2002's Chameleon in "Black Mask 2: City of Masks," 2004's Dr. Alice McNeal in "Ground Control II: Operation Exodus," and 2006's Gina Conte in "Crazy Eights." Traci Lords was in over 100 adult porn films, yet only a bit over 30 compilations came out derived from old footages. She managed to cross over to mainstream and remain in mainstream.

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