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Aids Awareness & Protective Practices in Film Industry

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<Performers have overlooked the risk factors: ...of acquiring Aids/HIV in the adult film industry. Many performers think they are going to become famous moviestars in the mainstream industry, and being in adult films is just a way to make ends meet while pursuing better things. Others are just trying to make ends meet in general, to pay for school, rent, or until a better job comes along. Many of us have been in that position, but have found other resources as means of survival. From the eye of the performer, if the acting in an adult film is good enough or if the production company is well connected... the intimacy gets editted out and the film becomes R-rated, possibly goes to boxoffice, perhaps onto pay per view television. A rapper actually has a better chance of getting into a mainstream film than an adult performer does, especially in the 2000's where everything that adult performers do is visible worldwide, rather than on some back shelf. These aren't the 80's anymore! The chances of an adult performer crossing over to mainstream is slim to almost none nowadays. In fact, if the performer were to study Theatre Arts and Drama at the local college, enter a few plays, and continued onto independant films as an extra to start out or B-movies... that performer would have a better chance than an adult film performer to be excepted into the mainstream movie and television industry. The chances nowadays are slim to none that an adult performer would now be able to cross over to mainstream.
<Once a performer gets caught up in the adult industry: ...each performer is hoping to be the one who can do the most in a film scene, get the highest stars ratings with AVN, and possibly get awards at the conventions. There is however a slim percentage of performers who are only in it to get by until better things come along ...that do not want the awards, fame, and worldwide internet exposure. That's where most adult retailers seem to overlook copyrights and do whatever they can get away with to exploit footage from the adult films online for public view without age verification nor any sort of contract with the performers allowing that they would be exploited in that manner online. The COPA ruling was supposed to enforce that this would not happen, but somehow that seemed to not prevent what's been going on with certain adult retailers online.
<The info presented herein: ...seems to have already been posted in various and numerous locations online, previously, for many years now, and by many other parties. I noticed that nothing said here in this e-zine is anything new, but is a reminder of what's up and a gathering of important details about the adult industry. It seems that this is also intended to make aware to those who may not know... what circumstances exist. Beautiful young ladies who might have had a decent future otherwise... enter the porn industry unaware of its past history, that over 100 gay males in the porn industry have died with Aids/HIV and that the industry recruits gay males who have done gay porn to do straight porn, without keeping track of which gay porn actors had previously worked with other gay porn actors who had Aids/HIV. These unsuspecting females have never been informed of this, as for the porn industry... it's all about getting the footage it needs by whoever can perform the scene, not about assuring the safety of the performers.
<Not all of the males in straight porn did gay porn: ...but the ones that did had not informed their female partners, especially the ones who worked in gay porn with a gay male who previously had Aids/HIV. The gay males who had done so, probably figured the females would not work with them had they known about it, and those females probably would not have worked with them.
<Online there seems to be a lot of spam junk mail: ...that promotes porn, along with a lot of pop up screens linking to porn. There are also cookies and download viruses that implant porn links into the computers or laptops of unsuspecting consumers, who figure it out when they try to open there Explorer. Luckily there are pop up blockers and virus scanning software which help reduce this problem nowadays, along with filters that help keep adult material out of the search engines when needed. Even so with all of the ways to block out adult material, many adult retailers (not all as some do follow the rules) still make it easy for just about anyone to access freebie images and streaming trailors of unclothed performers in intimate acts, without even having to make a purchase, which means minors can view it too along with anyone who had internet access. What they are viewing represents intimacy without scripts and stories, implanting into people's brains that it's okay to be flamboyant and risky. This isn't just about the health and well being of performers in the adult film industry. It's also about the health and well being of anyone who views adult material. COPA was supposed to be enforced onto adult retailers in order to prevent such a problem. We're supposed to be teaching our young people to be more careful, about the risk factors of what could occur without protective products during intimacy, how Aids/HIV is more easily obtainable than one might imagine, and how they are not to be exposed to adult material where there is no age verification.
<It is an unfortunate tragedy: ...the deepest sympathy goes out to those particular adult performers who did turn out to be infected with Aids/HIV, and it is hoped that those performers don't put others at risk and were able to receive the medication they needed... along with any psychological counseling that could have been provided. Why should you use safe adult protective products during intimacy, on or off the set? So you don't take as high a risk of catching Aids/HIV and other STD's.
<Are you worried that you'll be left out: and won't get as much work if you use adult protective products? Don't worry! You're better off getting less parts. At least you'll be alive and healthy, not infected and on your own. If you come out infected, you won't get anymore parts anyhow. Look at it that way. Is a few hundreds or thousands of dollars worth taking that risk with your health and your life? The people shooting the film are not taking that risk... you are! The people shooting the film will be profitting lots of money off the footage... not you! Care about yourself, because the industry will not be caring for you. There are other jobs you can do!

Here are tips: If you are performing, always protect your health and well-being by using safe adult practices. Some forms of safe adult practices include:
a) protective, external covering or cond-ms for male
performers (adjust as needed for best view)
b) protective, internal covering or contraceptives for female
performers (and gay homos-xual performers)
c) internal cond-ms for females (gays too) with Nonoxynol-9
d) internally inserted sponge with Nonoxynol-9
e) tube of Nonoxynol-9 cream or foam inserted internally
f) external layer of cream or gel Nonoxynol-9 applied to
areas of contact
g) external layer of antibacterial gel applied to areas of
h) wash after with internal extra-cleansing douche with
i) a combination of a, b, c, d, e, f, g, & h would be the safest.
If you're an adult performer in the adult industry you should be aware of the forms of safe & protective adult practices to use:
1] Do not except just a certificate of an Eliza test! Make sure that you as a performer personally review the PCR-DNA test results for HIV of any performers you will be working with, that the date of the test is within a month, and that the test result is "negative." If any performer doesn't have it, don't work with them and don't chance it, even if you are greatly in need of money. The money you get for that scene won't help you long term if you didn't review an original PCR-DNA, and the performer you work with ends up HIV positive later...and you too. If you're actually doing adult films, I'd suggest checking the filmographies of each performer you'd like to pair with to see if the performer has been in gay porn and with who using the Adult Film Database online. The database is not completely accurate, but it does provide enough info to check if male performers have been in gay porn.
2] Make sure the performer isn't on Aids medication that could change the test results and cell counts. If a performer you suspect has previously tested positive for HIV and suddenly shows up to a set stating that it was someone else or not that performer, providing a "negative" test result, yet you suspect the performer is on the Aids medication... double check the list to see if the performer was previously documented by the adult industry as having tested in the past as being infected with HIV. Make sure the PCR-DNA test results are from a legit clinic exceptable by industry standards. Print out a copy of this "infected performers list" as you'll need it to check into who is on it while choosing partner pairings.


3] As an adult performer are you really willing to play the card game Russian Roulette with your life and be the test rat for the adult porn industry that pulls in millions and billions of dollars per year thanks to your performances? The safest intimacy is no s-x at all, or sticking with one partner who only sticks with you. Some adult performers actually left the adult porn industry, because they are not willing to take the chance any longer of working with multiple performers who work with many other performers as the risk factor increases. I personally have used all of the "safe-zone" products on the list or a combination of certain products on the list... and these are suggested for in the adult industry. ...And thank God for these, because a lot of the male performers who had been in the industry a long time have done gay porn, some of which have come close to this "ring of fire," even though they themselves are not listed here on the infected or dead lists and they themselves had not worked with anyone in the past who had Aids/HIV. It is very fortunate that some adult companies & set crews are very patient about shooting scenes, yet I see that many other production companies out there are not (no offense). If you actually had a film agent you should have been able to pick & choose the companies you're willing to work for and the partners you're willing to work with when performing. Not every performer in the industry seems to have that option as not all performers have agent representation to oversee that the performer would receive better treatment on sets. Some production sets have their own stock of girly products like douches and even catered buffets for the crew & performers. Some production companies paid airline fairs & accommodations. In a way, if you had an agent you had some form of "union-type" standards. If you don't and you're not getting any of those privileges, perhaps you'd better think twice about working independantly. Also, you just don't know nowadays who's going to be the next to pop up *positive, and that's why there are PCR-DNA tests. Why put yourself at risk, so others can get rich? With all the compilations out there derived from older film footages and DVD's dated later dates than the original footages... a current performer may be misled to thinking all those films are actually recent and that it's okay to perform unsafe adult practices. It's not okay, and the performer would be putting there health, well-being and life at risk.
Rule #1: Do not exchange bodily fluids!

With so many previously gay porn performers who have crossed over to straight porn it's very important that safe adult practices be allowed in intimate scenes. How many more lives is society willing to sacrifice? These are someone's sons, daughters, & grandkids... they are not cattle to be sold just for profit... exploited online for the entire world to see WITHOUT AGE VERIFICATION!! That's why we're starting to see suicides of performers also. Performers need to be given the option of using protective products during intimacy in scenes, especially when the production companies do not cover damages caused during intimacy while filming such scenes. If you're going to express your opinions or are parents who will need to lecture your older teenagers and adult teens, I want you to be fully aware & informed about what has been going on with the adult film porn industry...
108 gays dead, 2 gays infected, 7 straight dead, 21 straight infected = total loss to Aids/HIV in the adult industry: 138 lives sacrificed!
Ratios: For every 1 infected straight... there's 5 dead gays. 5 X 20 = 100, 20/100 = 1/5 (1:5)
Straight porn or adult industry-related people who are infected with Aids/HIV:
1992: Dusty (worked with Tony Montana who has Aids/HIV), 1993: Carrie Morgan, 1994: Rebekka Armstrong (Playboy Playmate Sept. 1986's Edition & 1993 Video Playmates + Video Centerfold; from transfusion), 1995: Barbara Doll (from France), 1997: John Stagliano, Delfin (from France), Jordan McKnight (started age 20) & Nena Cherry (from Houston, TX), 1998: Marc Wallice (did gay porn with John Holmes + worked with Lisa Deleeuw who both died of Aids/HIV & in over 1000 straight pornos), Brooke Ashley (Asian/Hispanic), Caroline (from Hungary), Kimberly Jade, & Tricia Devereaux (from Ohio), 1999: Tony Montana (Latin), 2000: Niki Lae (only in 10 films), 2001: Tori Coca Flame (in "Black Erotic Moments #8" with Eric Stone who did gay porn and died with Aids/HIV 1996), 2004: Bianca Biaggi (Brazilian girl who infected Darren James), Darren James (for example, Jewel De'Nyle who's the daughter of a former Colorado state legislator had worked with Darren, luckily it was prior to him getting Aids/HIV), Jessica Dee (from Czech Republic; was a beautiful blonde started age 21), Lara Roxx (from Canada was just trying to make money for school & did only 5 pornos), & Mariessa Arroyo (aka: Miss Aroyo; Latin)
Straight porn or adult industry-related people who died with Aids/HIV:
1] 1985: Wade Nichols (did gay porn with gay male who died with Aids/HIV)
2] 1987: Althea Leasure Flynt (swinger & Hustler Magazine: Larry Flynt's wife; blood transfusion)
3] 1988: John Holmes (formerly in the Army, married a nurse, then did gay porn with gay male who died with Aids/HIV, in "Deep Throat")
4] 1993: Lisa DeLeeuw (worked in straight porn with John Holmes)
5] 1996: Rene Bond (worked in straight porn with John Holmes)
6] 1999: Lisa Melendez (Latin, would have been better off as a housekeeper)
7] 2007: Steve Taylor (did gay porn with gay males Al Parker & Scott Taylor who died with Aids/HIV and crossed-over to do 400 straight porn films with females, but worked with Caroline 1998 who was infected; Steve Taylors last where abouts or burial info n/a)
Current gay in porn who are infected with Aids/HIV:
1] 2003: Mark Anthony (white; has a wife & kids in London; was straight & did gay porn)
2] 2004: Jennifer (transvestite)
108 Gay porn performers who have died with Aids/HIV:
Adam Porn, *Al Parker, Alex Stone, Arthur Bressan Jr., Beau Matthews, Ben Barker, Bill Henson, Bill Harrison, Bob Shane, Brad Braverman, Brad Peters, Brandy Dalton, Brett Ford, Buster, Casey Donovan, Chet Thomas, Chris Burns, Chris Ladd, Chris Williams, Christopher Rage, *Chuck Holmes, Chuck Vincent, Clint Lockner, Craig Markle, Darryl Weld, Dave Connors, David Rockmore, Ed Dinakos, Eric Stone, Erik Strykler, Frank Vickers, Glen Dime, Glenn Steers, Gordon Grant, Jaap Penrat, Jake Corbin, Jason Steele, Jeff Lawrence, Jeremy Brent, Jeremy Scott, *Jesse Koehler, Jim Ed Thompson, Jim King, Jim Moore, Joe Simmons, Joe St. Marie, Joey Stefano, *Joey Yale, **John Holmes, Johnny Dawes, Johnny Rahm, Johnny Rey, Jon King, J.W. King, Karen Dior (aka: Geoffrey), Keith Anthoni, Keith Ardent, Ken Diamond, Kip Tyler, Kurt Houston, Kurt Marshall, Kristian Brooks, Kyle Hazzard, Lance, Lee Richards, Lee Ryder, Lei Lani, Lon Flexx, Luc Colton, Lucky Luc, Luke, Marc Stevens, Marco Vassi, *Mason Flynt, Matt Gunther, Melchor Diaz, Mike Davis, Morelle DeKeigh, Nice Kevin Mooney, Nick Elliot, Nick Rogers, Paul Pellettieri, Pierce Daniels, Richard Locke, Rip Razor, R.J. Reynolds, Robert Woods, Rocky, Rod Phillips, Ron Pearson, Roy Garret, Rydar Hanson, Scorpio, Scott Bond, Scott O'Hara, Scott Taylor, Sparky O'Toole, Steve Kennedy, Steve Kreig (aka: Steve Craig), Steve Loignon, *Steve Taylor, Thom Katt, Tim Kramer, Tony Bravo, Tyler Regan, *Wade Nichols, & Zeff Ryan.
[Note: Some of the best gay porn performers crossed over to straight porn. Many currently do straight porn with unsuspecting females and have worked in hundreds of straight porn films. That's why it's very important to track both.]

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