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In remembrance of those we've seen up on the silver screen...

<THE AIDS/HIV CURSE: Aids/HIV is not the only cause of death that has tragically cursed the adult film industry. There are many performers who have past away by other causes that could befall just about anyone anywhere. Performers who past away in accidents or by other health reasons are: Anna Malle, Bob Blount, Britney Madison, Dave Chandler, Di-k Fisk, Holly Landers, John Derek, Julie Robbins, Kim Kitaine, Krysti Lynn, Laurien Wilde, Leo Ford, Linda Lovelace, Michael Morrison, Peter van Aarle, Robert McCallum, Sandy Dempsey, Teri Diver, Tiffany Rose, Tom Farrell, Tommy Wilde, and Veronica Blue.


<Anna Malle died 1/25/2006 of car accident.
Anyone who'd wear the American flag & dresses up like Wonder Woman deserves a spot to be remembered. Anna Malle was born in Iowa 9/14/1967. She was active in porn from 1994-2005. Her ethnicity: White, Cherokee, German, Irish. There are around 350 porn film titles in which she is in, some of which are compilations. She directed & starred in 2003's porn film: "Anna Malle's Swing Life: Luv Boat," and had a non-s-x or no intimacy roll in 2005's: "Secret Lives of Porn Stars." She was one of the girls in the "Deep Throat" film series. Anne Malle died from a car accident. Tragically, a few years later Linda Lovelace who was one of the first girls in the "Deep Throat" films past away with the same fate in the second car accident she had been in. Kimi Ji (who had been in several car accidents) and Anna Malle had worked together in 1998's "Deep Throat The Quest 4: School's Out." Kimi Ji had also worked with Christi Lake in that film. Christi Lake had worked with Peter van Aarle who maintained Adult Film Database in his only porn film "Fan FuXXX6." Peter died of a heart attack on September 8, 2004. The thought of these three passing away is haunting, because it reminds you that life can be cut short unexpectedly.
<Linda Lovelace died 4/22/2002 of car accident.
Anyone who would carry the American flag should be remembered. Linda Lovelace (real name: Linda Susan Boreman) was born in Bronx, New York on Jan. 10, 1949. What the public might not know about Linda is the human side of her: When she was a child she attended St. John the Baptist and other Catholic schools in Yonkers, New York. Her father was a policeman. Her mother was a Roman Catholic. Later when Linda got pregnant she tried to keep it a secret and put the child she had in foster care in 1969. That same year she was involved in a devastating car accident that required a blood transfusion and made her recovery in Florida. While in Florida she had met Chuck Traynor, her pimp-husband. The two later went to New York together. What happens next will shock you, or at least me! In 1969 Linda was in a bestiality porn film called, "Dogarama." She went from giving up her child, to car accident, then to animal porn... all in the same year. How many pornstars do you know went from animal porn to straight porn? What next? She's famous for doing an-l in Arrow Production's 1972 porn film: "Deep Throat," where she was paired with Harry Reems. Linda had said that she was violently coerced into doing porn by her x-husband Chuck Traynor and regretted that she had done it. In the flick itself you can see the obvious bruises on her legs. If I were her, I would have left him before the animal porn! Nothing in life is worth living if you did or do animal porn.
[I have to say that I am totally against the whole bestiality animal porn as it is inhumane, but it could have been worse... at least it was a dog and not an elephant, which actually has been done in some foreign countries. My opinion: Animal porn is sickening and disgusting! Is animal porn even legal? Hopefully not!]
     Anyhow, even though "Deep Throat" was one of the most financially successful porn flicks that brought in probably over $600 million worldwide, Linda was only paid $1,250 with no royalties, residuals, nor commissions. Linda maintained that her husband Chuck Traynor had taken the $1,250 from her, so she basically did the film for free. Some have speculated that "Deep Throat" film's funding came from an underground crime syndicate when actually it was just another porn flick put out by a production company and distributed to the retailers by a distributor. There are so many retailers that I'd call it a multi-public syndicate instead of an underground syndicate if it had to be given a name, and its funder is the consumers. It doesn't take an underground crime syndicate to dish out a mere $1,250. Anyhow, Linda was also in 1973's "Exotic French Fantasies" in which John Holmes was also in. Linda had appeared in Playboy, Bachelor and Esquire between 1973 and 1974. She left the pornography industry, divorced Chuck Traynor and became a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement. She wrote a book called, "Ordeal." In 1974, Linda then married Larry Marchiano and had two children. The marriage lasted until 1996, for 22 years. In year 2000 on "E! True Hollywood Story" Linda revealed that she had given birth to a son when she was 20 years old in 1969, and that son went into foster care. Then in year 2002 Linda was in another car accident... that would end her life. Her x-husband and two adult children were at the hospital after the car accident... when Linda past away.
<Peter van Aarle died 9/18/2005 by heart attack.
Peter maintained the data for the Adult Film Database that keeps track of over 75,000 titles. This is where detailed information on the adult industry is compiled & archived, including filmographies. Peter went under the screenname of Peter Holland and had only done one adult porn film, "Fan FuXXX6" and had a scene with Christi Lake, who was also one of the directors. Jill Kelly & Marilyn Star were also in the film. Peter was born Dec. 9, 1962 in Den Haag, Netherland. He past away at age 42 after suffering a heart attack at his home in Hague, Holland.
Currently, the Adult Film Database is being maintained by volunteers in the brink of Peter's passing away. The database gathers information from many sources, but is not completely accurate nor reliable... rather just a skeletal resource for adult film info.
<Robert McCallum (aka Robert McCullam, Robert McCullum, June Moon) was a porn director of around 140 porn flicks from 1975-1998 mainly for production companies like Caballero, Essex, Metro & Pleasure. He sort of had the "Traci Lords syndrome," since he had worked with the underaged x-pornstar without knowing she was underaged and was afraid to admit he was even a porn director who had unfortunately worked with her. He was also a bit ashamed of his profession and wanted to keep it a secret away from his private life, as he did what he had to do to make a living... then moved on in life. That was his choice, and that has to be respected. I won't post his photo here as to respect that he did want privacy. If he only knew his photo was posted all up on the internet with detailed descriptions about his entire filmography for the entire world to see... then he would have realized that it couldn't be kept a secret. Like many in the industry, a lot of people in the industry prefer not to draw attention to themself... especially since not everyone stays in the industry, and some chose to take other directions in life. With the internet... there's no way around it. All that would have been kept private is revealed until oblivia and anything that would have been momentary is forever easily obtainable. Robert's real name is Gary Graver, rest his soul.

Other performers who have past away...
<Bob Blount (died 9/6/1979 of motorcycle accident)
<Britney Madison (died 4/30/2005 of car accident)
<Dave Chandler (died 3/5/1999 of stroke & head injury)
<Di-k Fisk (died 10/31/1983 of car accident)
<Holly Landers (died 1/1/2003 of car accident)
<John Derek (died 1998 of cancer; Bo Derek's husband)
<Julie Robbins (died 9/22/2005 of car accident)
<Kim Kitaine (aka: Kim Bailey; died 4/1/1999 of drowning)
<Krysti Lynn (died 12/7/1995 of car accident)
<Laurien Wilde (died 1984 of car accident)
<Leo Ford (died 7/15/1991 of motorcycle-truck accident)
<Michael Morrison (died 12/22/2006 by natural causes)
<Sandy Dempsey (died 1975 in boating accident)
<Teri Diver (died 1/2/2001 of medical drug overdose)
<Tiffany Rose (died 1998 of car accident)
<Tom Farrell (died 9/2/1993 of roadside hit&run, while urinating)
<Tommy Wilde (died 4/1994 of car accident)
<Veronica Blue (died 6/22/2000 of car accident)

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