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<Current Adult Performers Aids/HIV Infected:
Under this topic is information in regard to adult performers who have been infected with Aids/HIV for public awareness, especially info on high-profile performers such as 1992's Dusty, 1993's Carrie Morgan, 1994's Rebekka Armstrong, 1995's Barbara Doll, 1997's John Stagliano, Delfin, Jordan McKnight & Nena Cherry, 1998's Marc Wallice, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, Kimberly Jade & Tricia Devereaux, 1999's Tony Montana, 2000's Niki Lae, 2001's Tori Coca Flame, and 2004's Bianca Biaggi, Darren James, Jessica Dee, Lara Roxx & Mariessa Arroyo. Also listed are gay infected performers: 2003's Mark Anthony (white) & 2004's Jennifer (transvestite).
<Years: 2000's adult stars positive as Aids/HIV infected!
<Bianca Biaggi (2004: year infectious)
[Bianca Biaggi is a Brazilian porn actress who filmed in Rio De Janeiro performing unprotected an-l s-x with Darren James. Bianca Biaggi has Aids/HIV. Darren James came up positive on his test in April 2004 with Aids/HIV after working with Bianca on March 10, 2004.]
<Darren James (2004: year infected)

[Darren James (aka: Robert) was a 5'10" straight black male born February 25, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan. He was active in porn 1997-2004. He was in over 300 original straight porn films. After he was infected in 2004 and tested positive with Aids/HIV on April 12, 2004, he directed 6 straight porn films.
Darren James got infected with Aids/HIV while filming in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 10, 2004: unprotected an-l s-x with Brazilian porn actress: Bianca Biaggi.
That's why it's safer to film in the states and get a PCR-DNA, plus use safe adult practices. When Darren James returned from Brazil his test had not shown up positive yet, and he worked with around 13 female performers in unprotected an-l scenes that included internal an-l ej-culation (the exchange of bodily fluids), some of which were infected with Aids/HIV through Darren James. Since this particular outbreak, performers who now go overseas are supposed to wait a month upon return pending test results prior to performing in the states again.]
<Jennifer (2004: year infected)

[Jennifer is a transs-xual porn performer (she-male/he-she) who was diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV on May 4, 2004. Jennifer was active in porn 1994-2004 and was in 18 original gay porn films, although 3 of those films were not released until 2005. Jennifer had been in films such as: Caballero Home Video 2001's "Guess Who's Cu-ming," Sunshine Films Inc. 2002's "Brazilian She Males: Luxuria Lust," Roberthill 2003's "Make Up," Anabolic Video 2004's "T-Girls," and Devil's Films 2004's "Transs-xual Pr-stitutes 25." This is not uncommon for a gay or transs-xual performer to have Aids/HIV as there had already been way over 100 gay males in the adult porn industry who have died with Aids/HIV.]
<Jessica Dee (2004: year infected)

[Jessica Dee (aka: Dee, Jessica Jane, Jessica Roma, Alice Borman) was a 5'4" blonde born in the Czech Republic November 14, 1978. She was active in porn 1999-2004 and had started in porn at age 21. She wasn't around to be educated about what ways a young lady should behave in society and about the past history of the porn industry... as she had come to the United States from the Czech Republic. Jessica was in around 150 original porn films, and there are at least 8 compilations out derived from previous footages. She had worked for production companies such as: 4-Play Video, Adam & Eve, Anabolic, Elegant Angel, Hustler Video, Jill Kelly, Legend, Metro, New Sensations, Private, Rosebud, Sin City, Vivid, Wicked Pictures + many other production companies, and is an unfortunate loss to the porn industry. She had performed an-l & sometimes DP/DPP in at least 64 of those porn films. Beautiful Jessica Dee acquired Aids/HIV from Darren James while performing unprotected s-x in a porn scene March 24, 2004, after Darren had returned from Brazil. Jessica tested positive for Aids/HIV April 2004. She was banned thereafter from performing in adult porn, but went on to be a porn film director for Platinum X Pictures series: "Throat Yogurt." She only directed five porn films for Platinum X Pictures in 2004, but it kept her busy for a short while. One scene in this game of Russian Roulette, one unprotected mistake, and she must now spend the rest of her life with Aids/HIV.]
<Lara Roxx (2004: year infected)

[Lara Roxx (aka: Laura Roxx, Lana Roxx, Laura Coxx, Lara Coxx, Lara Cox) was a porn actress with black hair & dark eyes who was diagnosed with Aids/HIV 2004 after working with Darren James (& Marc Anthony) in a porn scene on March 24, 2004 in a double an-l, which the scene would have originally been included in "Split That Bo-ty 2" yet was not included in the film due to this infection having occurred. She was from Canada and had only been doing porn for a few months in the year 2004. She had been in 5 porn films: "18 Year Old P-ssy 2," "An-l Teen Tryouts 4," "College Dropouts 1," "Teen Hand Wh-res 2," & "White Girls Su-k And Swall-w 1." After she came out positive with Aids/HIV... she was informed that Entertainment Tonight would fly her to New York and pay her $3,500 to tape an interview.]
<Miss Aroyo (2004: year infected)

[Mariesa Arroyo (aka: Miss Aroyo, Miss Arroyo) was born July 1977, ethnicity: Latin, years active: 2000-2004. She had performed in around 100 original adult porn films, and there were around 10 compilations derived from previous footages. After four years in porn, Miss Aroyo acquired Aids/HIV on March 30, 2004 while filming with Darren James in a straight porn scene with unprotected s-x performing double an-l pen-tration. Darren James has Aids/HIV! Miss Aroyo tested positive for Aids/HIV April 2004. d**k Nast- was her manager, and made sure she was getting counseling thereafter.]
<Mark Anthony (2003: year infected)

[Mark Anthony was born March 24, 1967 in Cardiff, UK (Europe), Ethnicity: White. Active as a performer: 1993-2003; This Mark Anthony was a gay male performer. He started off straight, moved to Earl's Court in London, married, had two children. He ran in trouble with the law and while in prison he had several gay encounters with inmates, crossing over to gay. When he got out, he let his wife know. He worked at gay nightclub Heaven, then in 1993 won Mr Gay UK beauty contest. He went on to do gay porn in Sitges (near Barcelona) for the production company: Man For Man. Then he flew out to Miami to work with director Kristen Bjorn in his gay fetish line for production company: Hot House. He was in male/male gay porn films such as 1997's "Anchor Hotel," and his last film ever was 2003's "Mo Betta Butt." With white Mark Anthony, instead of going from gay to straight... he went from straight to gay. The girls are all lucky he only did gay films and never crossed-over to straight. He was only in about ten gay porn films. He was then diagnosed HIV positive! Away from porn, his ambition was to become a chef and better father.]
<Tori Coca Flame (2001: year infected)

[Tori Coca Flame was a black porn actress who was more of an unknown that performed unprotected an-l s-x. She was in Hollywood Video's porn flick "Black Erotic Moments #8." She was diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV January 2001. Ironically, this porn flick came out on DVD February 2001, and it is very haunting as it was believed to have been actually from footage originally made 1996. The male performers in that flick were other unknowns: Eric Stone, Jeff Butler, Kimber Blake, & Tony Michaels. If Eric Stone did infect Tori Coca Flame, it apparently took 5 years for the Aids virus that must have been dormant in her system to become HIV active and show up in the blood test results, or she may not have bothered to get a blood test again until 2001. That's why testing is very important! You see, [b]Eric Stone died Dec. 24, 1996 with Aids/HIV. Eric Stone did both gay porn and straight porn all in the same period of time.[/b] Eric Stone was in 14 original films before he died Dec. 1996 and 10 compilations (including "Black Erotic Moments #8") that came out from 1997-2006 derived from old footages shot pre-1996. For example, he was in Filmco Releasing 1996's straight porn flick "Anna Amore's Fantasy G-ng Bang" with female Anna Amore (aka: Stormy Weather) and in Falcon 1996's "Ripe For Harvest" with only gay males.]
<Niki Lae (2000: year infected)

[Niki Lae was a porn actress. She was diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV on January 18, 2000. She was active in porn 1998-2000 and was in only ten original porn films. At which point she stopped performing porn with males. One compilation came out year 2002 derived from old pre-2000 footages. Somehow she performed in a 2004 porn flick for distributor: Fantasy Productions in a porn film titled "Brats And B-tches," even though she has Aids/HIV and has had it since year 2000. Perhaps she did herself in the film, I'm assuming, but more than likely that film is a compilation derived from pre-2000 old footages. Niki Lae was not a high-profile pornstar, and that's why no attention was really drawn by her coming up positive with Aids/HIV in year 2000.]
<Years: 1990's adult stars positive as Aids/HIV infected!
<Tony Montana (1999: year infected)
[Tony Montana (aka: Luis Primo, Tony Romano), Born Oct. 28, 1960 in Columbia, Ethnicity: Latin. Active as a performer until 1999; Compilations: until 2005. Tony Montana falls sort of in the same shoes as Darren James, male performers who are straight and happened to work with an infected female. Tony Montana was diagnosed positive with HIV when tested down in Florida 1999, along with the Florida female performer who also came up positive which infected Tony Montana. He had performed in approximately 500 films prior to going down to Florida. He had performed in scenes with Marc Wallice in the 1993 film "G-ng Bang Girl 12" and the 1994 film "Ga-g Bang Girl 13." In 1999 Tony Montana did an an-l scene with Misty Dawn (who is better known as Laurie Holmes as she was married to John Holmes shortly before he died of Aids/HIV in 1988), but it was prior to Tony Montana going to Florida. The scene Tony Montana did with Misty Dawn was in the 1999 porn film called "Oh My Gush 4!" Tony Montana also worked with performer named Diamond in that film. It is thought that a scene between transsexual Caroline and Tony Montana was editted out of 1999's "European F-ck Flicks," which
Caroline was in who was HIV positive 1998
. It is more than likely transs-xual Caroline had infected Tony Montana 1999. Tony Montana was diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV 1999, but not until he went down to Florida. The porn films Tony Montana had been in were shot mostly in California. Misty Dawn continued to do porn and was active in porn until 2003.]
<Brooke Ashley (1998: year infected)

[Brooke Ashley (real name: Anne Marie Ballowe) tested positive for Aids/HIV on March 27, 1998. Brooke Ashley (aka: Lil Brooke, Fantasia, Anne Marie, Tea), Born: May 5, 1973, 5'4", Ethnicity: Asian/Hispanic. Active as porn performer: 1991-1998 & 2005 (one scene); Compilations: until 2005; Last Jan./Feb. 1998 performance suspected of infection: working with Marc Wallice in 1998's "World's Biggest An-l Ga-g Bang."
Date of Positive HIV Infection Test Result: March 27, 1998. Brooke Ashley also suffers from Hepatitis C, but had taken medication for it. After Acquiring Aids/HIV Continued Film Performances: "I Luv Asians 11" (2000: single-girl roll), "Kinky Underground" (2000: non-s-x or no-intimacy roll), & "Firm Hand Will Spank" (2004: non-s-x or no-intimacy fetish roll).
Eddie Would... worked with Brooke Ashley in an intimate roll 2005 in porn film: "More Dirty Debutantes 328," an Ed Powers (aka EPowers) Production. Hopefully, Brooke and Eddie used safe adult practices? This was the only porn film and porn scene Eddie ever did, no wonder.
<Caroline (1998: year infected)

[Caroline (aka: Katalin Makarov) was born October 4, 1975 in Hungary and started in porn at only age 21. She was active in porn 1996-1998 and did over 60 original porn films (mostly an-l), with US compilations til year 2005 derived from previous old footages. Previously, Caroline had been tested on the Eliza, which did not detect her condition. Porn transs-xual actress Caroline tested positive for Aids/HIV April, 1998 on the PCR-DNA. She had worked with Marc Wallice in Anabolic Video 1997's "Gang Bang Girl 22"
performing an-l DP. Caroline (doing an-l) and Steve Taylor were in the 1998 film "Further Adventures of Bobby Dickman." Steve Taylor's done gay porn, so I suppose he has no problem working with a possible transs-xual such as Caroline, if he even knew. Third, Tony Montana was definately in 1999's "European F-ck Flicks," but the scene with Caroline was editted out of the US version. Have you ever wondered what happens to some performers who come out with Aids/HIV? Well here's how Caroline is doing... she went back to Europe and continued working in porn there.
Film examples that she was in after being HIV positive: 1999's European F-ck Flicks (scene editted out of US version), 2000's Apprentissage An-l, 2001's Caroline Et Les Vicieuses Minettes Volume 4, 2002's Beautes Transsexuels Volume 5, 2003's Rocco Anus Atomises, 2004's Transsexual Heartbreakers Volume 16 + She Male Samba Mania Volume 9, 2005's Transsexual Heartbreakers Volume 30, and 2006's Rocco's Best Pov + Beautes Transsexuels Volume 14. Caroline had everyone fooled! To agents and production companies: be very careful about hiring foreign performers from Brazil & Hungary! The so-called girls may be very pretty, but they could be transs-xuals infected with Aids/HIV. Make absolutely sure you test them in particular with the PCR-DNA!]
<Kimberly Jade (1998: year infected)

[Kimberly Jade (aka: Wendie Swilling) was a porn actress who was diagnosed with Aids/HIV May 29, 1998, and her test revealed she had been positive for about six months. She had worked with Marc Wallice late 1997. What about all the performers she had worked with for that six month period between Marc Wallice and the positive test result? The chances are greater that any performer who worked with her directly during that period of time while she was infectious may one day come out positive with Aids/HIV as even if a performer acquires Aids/HIV from another performer who was definately infected with it... it could remain dormant and show up later. That's why safe adult practices should be considered for a performer's own sake, and why tracking high-risk performers or expecting 6 months of PCR-DNA's out of the bunch long-term (not short term) is better as it took six months before Kimberly Jade's blood test showed up positive (perhaps on Eliza). That's why PCR-DNA is better! The Eliza did not show Marc Wallice up as positive.
It was the PCR-DNA that detected that Marc Wallice was positive.
Did the porn industry at some point switch back from PCR-DNA to the Eliza that doesn't detect as well? I would like to know how if Kimberly Jade was infected and diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV May 29, 1998... how was it that she was able to do a lezbo scene with 14 other female performers in VCA 1999's "Car Wash Angels 2" directed by Jim Holiday? Also, how was it that Kimberly Jade who had been infected with Aids/HIV since May 1998 was able to perform in a boy/girl film in VCA year 2000's "Casting Couch Cuties 2," which starred Colt Steel, Joel Lawrence, Marc Cummings & Trevor? I'm assuming both films are compilations derived from old footages pre-1998! That's why rumors go around that infected performers are still performing, because compilations do not make it clear that the footages were shot at an earlier period in time... causing consumers to think the industry is allowing infected performers to continue to work when really the industry isn't, hopefully.]
<Marc Wallice (1998: year infected)

[Marc Wallice (aka: Mark Wallace, Marc Gold, Mark Goldberg, Jay B. David, Don Webber (gay), born: Oct. 3, 1959, Ethnicity: White. Active as a performer: 1982-1998; While active with the Aids Virus in his system and highly HIV *positive... Marc Wallice had worked with Barbara Doll, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, Delfin, Jordan McKnight, & Tricia Devereaux all in unprotected an-l scenes using none of the safe adult practices listed above, and all of these performers tested positive for HIV. Tricia Devereaux admitted at the meeting in front of about 200 industry people that she had tested positive for HIV. Previously Marc Wallice tested using the Eliza. The industry switched tests from Eliza to PCR-DNA in April 1998. Then Marc Wallice took the PCR-DNA test and tested positive. On Marc Wallice's PCR-DNA April 30, 1998 Positive HIV Infection Test Result: the cell counts suggested he had been positive with the infection for approximately a year.
Marc Wallice had performed in over 1000 films and started out as a gay male/male performer. By the way, Marc Wallice had worked in the 1985 film "Scandal In The Mansion" with *John Holmes (who died of Aids/HIV in late 1988), Craig Roberts (who also worked with Desiree Lane), Bunny Bleu (+ with her in ten other films), Heather Thomas (+ with her in one other film), Helga Sven (+ with her in one other film), & Lisa DeLeeuw (who died of Aids/HIV 1993), and these performers worked together with each other. More recently, Marc Wallice worked with Bunny Bleu in the 1995 film "An-l Centerfold." Strangely, these were too far apart from when Marc Wallice was positive for Aids/HIV. Transs-xual Caroline had worked with Marc Wallice in Anabolic Video 1997
's "Gang Bang Girl 22" performing an-l DP. Caroline was also diagnosed HIV positive 1998. It is more likely that Caroline infected Marc Wallice than Marc Wallice having infected Caroline.]
<Tricia Devereaux (1998: year infected)

[Trisha Devereaux was born in Ohio January 12, 1975, a 5'7" brunette active in porn 1995-1998, and compilations until 2003. She's been in around 100 original porn films, and there are about 20 compilations derived from original footages pre-1998. Porn actress Tricia Devereaux tested positive for Aids/HIV February 1998, and she told everyone at the February 4th, 1998 Industry Talent Meeting in front of the limited invitees of about 200 people of the porn industry, including some of the major production company members and popular porn performers. I was at the meeting, so I know it's true. At the meeting Sharon Mitchell told everyone that the current Eliza test would be switched to the PCR-DNA. (You see, Sharon Mitchell had previously worked with both Wade Nichols who died with Aids/HIV 1985 and with Marc Wallice in 1988.) Marc Wallice (who did gay porn) took the PCA-DNR that April and was diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV 1998... but by then he had already infected many several popular porn actresses with Aids/HIV, including Tricia Devereaux. Tricia Devereaux's husband,
John Stagliano (aka: Buttman) had previously been diagnosed with Aids/HIV in 1997
. Tricia Devereaux had did an an-l scene with Marc Wallice in Cream 1997's "World Class As-" and an an-l scene with 5 males (including Marc Wallice) in Elegant Angel Productions 1997's "Week And A Half In The Life Of A Prostitute."]
<Delfin (1997: year infected)

[Delfin was a French porn actress who was diagnosed with Aids/HIV in June 1997.]
<Jordan McKnight (1997: year infected)

[Jordan McKnight was born April 7, 1974 and was only age 20 when she entered the porn industry. She was a beautiful black female. She was active in porn from 1994-1997, with 12 compilations derived from previous footages until 2003. She had performed in over 50 porn films. Jordan McKnight was a porn actress who had worked with Marc Wallice in Devil's Films 1997's "A-ses Galore 7: Lunatic Fringe." She was diagnosed with Aids/HIV May 1997. Had the PCA-DNA test been enforced back in the mid 90's to begin with, Marc Wallice would have come out positive prior to Jordan McKnight getting infected. The Eliza is just not sufficient enough! Jordan McKnight is an unfortunate loss to the industry.]
<Nena Cherry (1997: year infected)

[Nena Cherry was born Nov. 25, 1969 in Houston, Texas. Nena Cherry was a popular porn actress active in porn from 1995-1997 in over 100 original porn films, with about 10 compilations derived from previous old footages until 1999. She had dark blonde hair and was 5'2" tall. If she had worked with Marc Wallice 1997 that particular scene was dropped, not actually included in any existing films. If she had not worked with Marc Wallice then who was the source for her infection? More than likely Nena Cherry could have acquired Aids/HIV from Tony Montana in the Nitro Productions late 1996's "Nena Cherry's DP G-ng Bang" where she performed an-l DP with Tony Montana who was diagnosed positive down in Florida 1999. The virus time table may have taken time to develop in her system, as she wasn't diagnosed with Aids/HIV until February 1997.]
<Barbara Doll (1995: year infected)

[Barbara Doll was a blonde porn actress born 1972 in France. She was active in porn 1994-1995 in over 90 original porn films, with around 20 compilations derived from previous footages until 2003. Barbara Doll had done at least 27 an-l scenes and 7 an-l DP scenes of the more than 90 porn films she was in. She was diagnosed positive with Aids/HIV. Thereof, a system was later put into effect in order that film agents would be informed by the clinics when tests come up positive for performers.]
<Rebekka Armstrong (1994: year infected)

[Rebekka Armstrong was born February 1967 and is married to Oliver Luettgenau. She was diagnosed with Aids/HIV 1994 after having a blood transfusion. She was a Playboy Playmate in September 1986's edition. She was a Playboy Video Centerfold and was in Playboy's Video Playmates August 1993. After she was HIV Positive, she became an HIV educator & activist. She then went on to winning first place in the middleweight category of the 2004 Los Angeles Bodybuilding and Figure Championship. She had been coping well after she was diagnosed with Aids/HIV.]
<Carrie Morgan (1993: year infected)

<Dusty (1992: year infected)

[Dusty started in porn in 1989-1992, compilations until 1996. Dusty was in the film "Bad Medicine" in 1992 with *Tony Montana. She performed in around 150 original porn films. There are only a few compilations out, though.]


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