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<Althea Leasure Flynt died June 27, 1987.
Althea Leasure Flynt met Larry Flynt in 1970 when she was a stripper at a Columbus (Ohio) stripclub owned by Larry Flynt. They fell in love. Larry Flynt started Hustler in 1974 as the founder and publisher of the magazine and made Althea Leasure Flynt his co-publisher, eventually drawing an annual salary of $1.6 million. Althea posed for the magazine's first life-size centerfold. Larry married Althea August 21, 1976. Althea had talked Larry out of shutting down the $20 million a year Hustler magazine in 1977 during his brief religious conversion, so Hustler remains til this day forward. Althea contracted HIV in 1983 from a blood transfusion during a hysterectomy operation, and was diagnosed with full-blown Aids 1985. Ironically, she had drowned in the bathtub of their Bel-Air mansion 1987. Even though she had Aids/HIV, she died of drowning. Hustler and Vivid had put out porn films like "The World's Luckiest Man" starring 101 females plus Jon Dough, who had committed suicide year 2006. Even though Hustler pulls in $20 million a year and Vivid pulls in $90 to $130 million a year (with Vivid Internet)... Jon Dough's wife and daughter were left with very little support after his death. Yes, it's very possible for the production companies, publishers, and retailers to make millions while the performers could be left penniless or bad-off. There's never been a performer's union or anyone to stand up for the rights of performers in this type of field to make sure that performers and their families are doing okay in times of health issues, troubles or hardship. No one really cares about performers in this type of field unless it's family members or friends of the family, yet consumers are willing to drench millions to pay for films and print to entertain themselves while some of those performers they're watching could be suffering from illness, hardships or even dead.


<Lisa DeLeeuw:
Died with Aids/HIV on 11/11/1993!
Lisa DeLeeuw carried the Aids virus, was infected with Aids/HIV, had complications due to it, and died of it. Lisa DeLeeuw (aka: Lisa Leeua, Lisa de Ugga, Lil' Redhead) was a beautiful redhead adult pornstar in almost 200 films, which is a lot of original films to have been in, raising the risk factor. She was born July 3, 1958 in Moline, Illinois. Years Active in Porn: 1977-1991. She was in the 1985 porn film "Scandal in The Mansion" with John Holmes. Perhaps John Holmes had become active with Aids/HIV by the time "Scandal in The Mansion" was filmed, unfortunately. She could have acquired the virus from John Holmes, but it could have remained dormant and later evolved. While she lays dead and rested, the distributors & adult retailers continue to make a profit off the sale of the films she performed in, after she sacrificed her life to porn.
<Rene Bond:
Died 06/02/1996 with Aids/HIV!
Rene Bond had Aids/HIV and died of complications, cirrhosis of the liver in 1996. Not James Bond, but Rene Bond (aka: Mindy Brandt, Lilly Lovetree, Annie Hall, Diane Lee, Lotta Rocks) was born Oct. 11, 1950 in San Diego, California. Rene Bond performed a porn scene 1988 with John Holmes the same year Holmes died of Aids/HIV, in the film "Young Women's Fantasies." She had full lips, a heart-shaped face, widely set eyes, redish auburn wavy hair and adorable figure. She would still be alive today probably had she not been in the adult film industry with an Aids/HIV epidemic outbreak amongst the adult industry. She lived in Los Angeles until she died on 6/2/1996. The adult film industry only cares when the camera is rolling, about how much intimate footage it can get, but as a performer... once you've acquired Aids/HIV from performing in their adult films... you are on your own with the tragic effects of it. This is the one industry that has the worse work conditions ever and the highest profit turnaround for little investment. 100 or 200 performers infected with Aids/HIV and die from it is no loss to the adult film industry. They're not the ones in front of the camera putting their health at risk, being exploited for the whole world to see. The performers are the ones! What tragedy, what sacrifice! What's the most famous phrase you'll ever hear at adult conventions, "the actors and actresses come a dime a dozen, easily replaced." This industry does not care about it's performers at all. It only cares about its $500,000,000 that rolls in per year U.S. and $14 billion that rolls in per year worldwide. If you're going to perform, at least it is hoped you know where you stand on this. Hopefully, not in the same shoes that Rene Bond stood in, who will never stand again.
<Lisa Melendez:
Died 09/01/1999 with Aids/HIV! 
Lisa was an adult actress. Lisa Melendez (aka: Denise Ford, Racquel, Raquel) died September 1, 1999 with Aids/HIV. She was a Latin female with brown hair, active in porn from 1985-1992 in only 23 original porn films, with 7 compilations thereafter derived from previous old footages up until 1994. None of the male performers of her scene pairings ever came out with Aids/HIV, including Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Damien Cashmere, Hershel Savage, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, & Tom Byron... and therefore either the scene of who the performer was had been banned-out of release and was never listed in her scene pairings for the adult films database, or she caught it from someone in the film crews or in her personal life after she had left the industry.

<Aids Medication: Sometimes when a gay male acquires Aids/HIV from another infected gay male or transs-xual the cells of the Aids virus remain dormant in the system and don't become active until years down the line, which could have been Steve Taylor's situation ...or he was just unlucky and Caroline got him infected. One theory is that he acquired Aids/HIV while doing gay male porn but didn't become active with it until the dormant cells became active in his system. Thereafter, usually it takes a few years for Aids/HIV to develop. It does seem odd though that he did straight porn films up until the year he died. Usually Aids/HIV is detected with the PCR-DNA and the performer would be restricted from doing adult films. That's why it's more than likely he got it from Caroline. After acquiring Aids/HIV, the performer would go on Aids medication. To die with Aids the same year it is detected is unusual nowadays, with medication that's available, but it is possible to die of Aids/HIV the same year the person is infectious with it given the right circumstances or had his medication run low. It's heresay, but another possibility is that Steve Taylor had come out positive with Aids/HIV many years earlier and went on Aids medication, therefore rendering the test to the right levels of cell counts for the tests to be negative again, and yes, that is possible to occur. He could have used the negative test results to continue working until the Aids/HIV medication could no longer be of help to sustain him. I'm glad I've never been a performer who has worked with Steve Taylor. I've always been suspicious that male performers who have in the past done gay porn films would be positive with Aids/HIV, take medication, and continue to work in porn or suddenly pop up with Aids/HIV. I personally did not know though until it was posted all over the internet, that a few of the male porn performers who went straight and were in gay porn had worked with other male performers in gay porn who had previously died with Aids/HIV. That ups the risk factor! Everytime I see a guy that looks like Steve Taylor sort of... I wonder if he's still alive, pretending to be dead and is on his way to another Aids/HIV medicational program... and will suddenly pop up again later claiming it was all a hoax. My how this whole Aids/HIV issue has gone silent. I'm just wondering when this whole thing will really become a public issue? Or maybe no one really cares about the issue. Who really knows?
<For example: There was a Stephen Taylor who had been enrolled back in September 2000 (study of nevirapine, lamivudine & stavudine in sem-n in HIV-1-infected men) and in October 2001 (study of penetration of efavirenz into male genital tract: drug concentrations & antiviral activity in s-men & blood of HIV-1-infected men) at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital that recruited these men. To perform the study they needed men who could produce the sem-n by masturb-tion & ejacul-tion into a wide-necked sterile container, and blood samples were obtained by venepuncture. The antiviral treatment: 2000: An HIV-1 infected man goes on NVP-containing regimens (nevirapine). Of lamivudine, nevirapine & stavudine: the concentration of NVP (neviropine) in seminal plasma appeared to mirror the concentrations in blood plasma. The final result was undetectable blood plasma and seminal plasma viral loads. 2001: Enfavirenz is a potent non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, licensed for the treatment of HIV-1, that suppresses seminal plasma viral loads. Efavirenz-containing regimens have antiviral activity within the male genital tract. Men who were HIV positive, thus taking Aids/HIV medication... are able to later show up on the Eliza blood test as negative after taking Aids/HIV medication. The Eliza blood test was the porn industry standard test up until 1998. That is why it is important to track the history of porn performers who have done gay porn with anyone in the past who had Aids/HIV. Those are the ones that you need to make sure did not also come up positive with Aids/HIV, went on Aids/HIV medication (possibly in the UK or somewhere else that you may not be aware of), then entered back into the porn industry. That is also why it's important to allow performers to use safe adult protection in some forms, at the least bit. With the PCR-DNA blood test a bigger needle is used and more blood is drawn than the Eliza test. Tough! The PCR-DNA blood test must remain as the porn industry standard test, as it is a better test.


<Steve Taylor (aka: Steven Taylor, Stephen Taylor) was born in the early 1960's, was bis-xual and died with Aids/HIV, supposedly. Has Steve Taylor actually died with Aids/HIV? This is almost hard to believe, until you see who he worked with previously in gay porn. He was in around 400 original straight adult porn films (performing with females). Steve Taylor was also in the 1981 gay porn flick "Al Parker's Flashback" distributed by LeSalon. Both Al Parker (died 1992) and Scott Taylor (died 1994) have previously past away with Aids/HIV, and both were in "Al Parker's Flashback," which Steve Taylor was in. Steve Taylor was in Surge Studios/Bijou Video Sales 1983 gay porn flick "Games" (aka: "Games: Jocks Pac 32" & "Al Parker's Games") also starring: Al Parker (died with Aids/HIV 1992), Ben Barker (died with Aids/HIV 1995), & Johnny Dawes (died with Aids/HIV 1989). Steve Taylor was in these gay porn flicks: "(Al Parker's) Wanted" also stars: Al Parker (died Aids/HIV 1992); "Dangerous" also stars: Chris Burns (died with Aids/HIV 1995); 1979's "Inches" also stars: Al Parker; & 1990's "Some Men Are Bigger Than Others" also stars: Lon Flexx (died with Aids/HIV 1995). Steve Taylor had a gay scene in gay porn: "Dangerous." Playing a gay part on the phone? Ironically, has anyone been able to reach Steve Taylor on the phone? I can believe the part about him having been in gay porn & having Aids/HIV, but I still can't believe that Steve Taylor has just past away 2007. Ironically, after all that Steve Taylor may not have even gotten infected until 1998, having worked with a performer named Caroline.
<After crossing-over, Steve Taylor had been active in straight porn until the year he died in 2007. Steve Taylor was in a scene with transs-xual Caroline in 1998's "Further Adventures of Bobby Dickman." Caroline was diagnosed positive for Aids/HIV 1998 (and so was Marc Wallice & Tony Montana who had worked with Caroline in other films). Everyone thought Marc Wallice started the outbreak, but it's possible that it was Caroline! Transs-xual Caroline may have infected all three performers: Marc Wallice, Tony Montana, & Steve Taylor. Steve Taylor and Darren James, Brandon Iron, Phyllisha Anne, & Sharon Mitchell (who was in 1988's "Insatiable" with Marc Wallice) + other performers ...were in scenes together in year 2000's "Blowjob Tour Of Los Angeles 1." Steve Taylor performed in these 2007 porn films: Lethal H-rdcore's "Billion Dollar Booties 2" with Britney Stevens & "Scandalous Sluts 2" with Kaycee Dean (an-l); Vouyer Media's "C-m Drippers 9" with Gia Corday & Isabella Dior & "In Thru The Back Door 2" with Aline (an-l DP) & Isabella Pacino (an-l DP). All of these beautiful girls are someone's daughters! None of these young ladies have done many films, are new to the industry, and have put their lives at risk by working with a male performer who previously did gay porn with gay males who died with Aids/HIV. That's the reason protective products should be used! That's the reason the PCR-DNA test should be required!
<Steve Taylor dies 2007 with Aids/HIV? Wow, I would have never imagined Steve Taylor had done gay porn, until he came into the public eye. Every time I see someone who looks similar to Steve I wonder if it's him, and this whole death thing is a cover up... as I haven't heard much publicity on this. Has he really past away with Aids/HIV? Considering who he's worked with in gay porn, I believe it!


<Wade Nichols:
Died 01/28/1985 with Aids/HIV!
Wade Nichols (aka: Wade Parker, Wade Vickers) was in straight porn
films such as: "My S-x-Rated Wife," and "Marishino Cherries." Wade was also on the mainstream soap opera "Edge of Night." Wade had a disco recording career using name aka: Dennis Parker, in song: "Fly Like An Eagle." Wade Nichols did gay porn and crossed over to straight porn. He was in the gay porn film "Boynapped" in 1975. Also in that gay porn film was Jamie Gillis... who was another male porn performer who crossed over to straight porn. Wade did an intimate s-x scene with Samantha Fox in 1977's porn film "Blue Voodoo!" Wade did an intimate s-x scene with Sharon Mitchell in 1977's "Captain Lust" (aka: "Captain Lust And The Private Women"). Wade performed with Annette Haven & Leslie Bovee in Video-X-Pix 1978's "Take Off" and in Essex Video/Electric Hollywood 1979's "Love You." Wade was in VCA Pictures 1983's "Hot Pursuit." Wade died with Aids/HIV 1/28/85!
Dennis Parker is famous for the song "Fly Like An Eagle" during his recording career, but his adult porn stage name was: Wade Nichols. He was formerly an adult porn actor in gay and straight porn films.


<John Holmes:
Died 03/13/1988 with Aids/HIV!
John Holmes (real name: John Curtis Estes; aka: Johnny Wadd, John Duval, Mark Lloyd, Big John Fallus, Big John Holmes, Big John, John Rey, Long John Wadd, John Curtis Holmes, John C. Holmes (gay)) was active in the adult porn industry from 1969 until 1988. Born: Aug. 8, 1944. Birth place/Hometown: Ashville & Pataskala, Ohio. He was a 6'2" white male and his orientation: bis-xual. John Holmes had joined the Army at age 16 but was discharged from the Army in 1963. 1965 he married a nurse named Sharon Gebenini, did a few uncredited gay porno reels mid-1960's, got into some trouble with the law, and Sharon divorced him in 1982. After which he did a lot of pornos, including a gay porn. John Holmes was diagnosed HIV Positive in 1985 & 1986! Why did he continue to make films without informing any of his partners of his status? That would mean he would have been working for about two or three years with HIV and then died. That sounds just about right... as it's possible that it can take about two or three years for Aids/HIV to fully develop without Aids medication, causing death thereafter from complication due to Aids/HIV. (That's why the Eliza test was enforced, and now the PCR-DNA test... to prevent performers from hiding the virus from others.) John had been in almost 400 original straight porn films, although it was rumored he had done 2000-3000 loops. What you may not know about John Holmes is that he had also did a gay feature porn film! He had performed in the 1985 straight porn film "Scandal in The Mansion" (see *Marc Wallice above for details). John Holmes carried the Aids virus. He became infected with HIV, as a result, and it evolved into a later stage of the virus whereas he had encephalitis followed by cardiac arrest. Lisa Deleeuw who worked with John Holmes in this film also died of Aids/HIV. Marc Wallice had a scene in this film with Lisa Deleeuw and John Holmes. In this film Marc Wallice performed with Lisa Deleeuw first, then John Holmes performed with Lisa Deleeuw. Marc Wallice was very lucky at the time that he performed with her prior to John Holmes performing with her!! It is thought that Marc Wallice had been infected with Aids/HIV years down the line by a supposedly transs-xual performer named Caroline, ironically. Before dead, John Holmes was in the 1988 adult porn films called: "Young Women's Fantasies" with poor Rene Bond who was porn-active 1968-1988 and in...1988's "Passion For Blondes" which Heather Young, Nanci Suiter, Blair Harris, Roger Caine & Craig Roberts were also in. 1988 was the last any of these porn performers ever performed...except for: Craig Roberts (aka: Edward Longely, Greg Ruffner) who continued in the industry until 1992. Like Marc Wallice, Craig Roberts was first a gay porn performer who went under the name of Greg Ruffner. He had been in around 100 adult films over a period of ten years, aprox. 10 per year. 1988 and beyond films Craig Roberts was in: 1988's "Insatiable" which both Craig Roberts & Marc Wallice did an an-l/DP scene with Cheri Janvier, and Craig Roberts did a scene with Danica Rhea. Both Cheri Janvier and Danica Rhea dropped out of porn 1988. Sharon Mitchell was also in this film, and she did a scene with Marc Wallice. Knowing deep inside that even she at one point in time could have been put in harms way had Marc Wallice worked with Lisa Deleeuw after John Holmes (luckily it was before), Sharon Mitchell was the one who spoke out at February 4th's 1998 Talent Meeting when Tricia Devereaux stood up and said she has Aids/HIV. Sharon Mitchell then went on to say the Eliza test is replaced with the PCR-DNA, and that's when Marc Wallice got nabbed with a positive test result, along with several other female performers (see above) he had done an-l scenes with when he became highly active or infectious with Aids/HIV 1997-1998. Craig Roberts was also in 1991's "Where The Girls Are" which Marc Wallice was also in.
<<<<"The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes:" (aka: Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes) Distributor: Gentlemen's Video. Year originally made: 1983. Type of porn: male gay/male gay + female/male gay. The performers in this film are: gay males performing with gay males and gay males performing with females. The cast in this porn film were: Sharon Kane (active 1978-2006), Misty Dawn (aka: Laurie Holmes; active 1982-2003), John Holmes (active 1969-1988), Joseph Yale (aka: Joey Yale; active 1978-1983), Chris Burns (active 1982-1995), Jerry Davis (active 1975-1987), Johnny Dawes (active 1979-1989), + in this porn film other gay male performers only active 1983: Chi Chi, Colby Douglas, Doug Raymond, Jerry Thomas, Lee Jones, Max Corral, Rocky Diangelo, & Victor Young. Joey Yale died with Aids/HIV 1985, Johnny Dawes died with Aids/HIV 7/25/1989, and Chris Burns died with Aids/HIV 2/26/1995. John Holmes died with Aids/HIV 1988!
     <<<Misty Dawn (aka: Laura Wren, Lori Rose, Laurie Diamond) was better known as John Holme's wife, Laurie Holmes. She was born in 1963 and was active in porn 1982-2003. She performed an-l in the gay porn film that John Holmes was also in of 1983 called "The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes" (see gay boxcover above) and later married John Holmes early 1988. Misty Dawn did an an-l DPP with 1983's "Marathon," in which John Holmes was also in. Misty Dawn did a s-x scene with John Holmes in 1984's "Heat Of The Moment," in which Marc Wallice was also in this film. John Holmes had died of Aids/HIV 3/13/1988, shortly after Laurie had married John. Misty Dawn (Laurie Holmes) had performed in 53 original porn films, and there were about 10 compilations derived from the original footages = 63 titles. Strangely enough, Misty Dawn was also in the 1999 porn flick "Oh My Gush 4" in which Tony Montana had been in and did a scene with Misty Dawn, including an-l with her. Diamond did a scene with Tony Montana in "Oh My Gush 4" also, but diamond left porn 1999. Tony Montana tested positive for Aids/HIV 1999 down in Florida.
Laurie Holmes aka Misty Dawn:



<In 2007 prior to Steve Taylor's supposed death with Aids/HIV he had worked with the following female performers: Aline (active 3 years in only 7 films), Britney Stevens (active only 2 years in 25 films), Gia Corday (active only 1 year in only 1 film with Steve Taylor, poor girl), Isabella Dior (active only 2 years in only 14 films), Isabella Pacino (active only 1 year in only 8 films), and Kaycee Dean (active only 2 years in only 5 films). It does not take being in 200-1000 adult films to acquire Aids/HIV. It only takes working with an Aids/HIV infected partner one time, only one time!!

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