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Gay Stars Who Past Away with Aids or HIV

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Let's provide info on: each of the 108 gay adult performers who have died with Aids/HIV, so that you are aware of the impact that Aids/HIV has on the adult industry, especially since many adult male performers cross-over from gay adult films to straight adult films and some even to mainstream. Those who have past away with Aids/HIV include: Adam Porn, *Al Parker, Alex Stone, Arthur Bressan Jr., Beau Matthews, Ben Barker, Bill Henson, Bill Harrison, Bob Shane, Brad Braverman, Brad Peters, Brandy Dalton, Brett Ford, Buster, Casey Donovan, Chet Thomas, Chris Burns, Chris Ladd, Chris Williams, Christopher Rage, *Chuck Holmes, Chuck Vincent, Clint Lockner, Craig Markle, Darryl Weld, Dave Connors, David Rockmore, Ed Dinakos, Eric Stone, Erik Strykler, Frank Vickers, Glen Dime, Glenn Steers, Gordon Grant, Jaap Penrat, Jake Corbin, Jason Steele, Jeff Lawrence, Jeremy Brent, Jeremy Scott, *Jesse Koehler, Jim Ed Thompson, Jim King, Jim Moore, Joe Simmons, Joe St. Marie, Joey Stefano, *Joey Yale, **John Holmes, Johnny Dawes, Johnny Rahm, Johnny Rey, Jon King, J.W. King, Karen Dior (aka: Geoffrey), Keith Anthoni, Keith Ardent, Ken Diamond, Kip Tyler, Kurt Houston, Kurt Marshall, Kristian Brooks, Kyle Hazzard, Lance, Lee Richards, Lee Ryder, Lei Lani, Lon Flexx, Luc Colton, Lucky Luc, Luke, Marc Stevens, Marco Vassi, *Mason Flynt, Matt Gunther, Melchor Diaz, Mike Davis, Morelle DeKeigh, Nice Kevin Mooney, Nick Elliot, Nick Rogers, Paul Pellettieri, Pierce Daniels, Richard Locke, Rip Razor, R.J. Reynolds, Robert Woods, Rocky, Rod Phillips, Ron Pearson, Roy Garret, Rydar Hanson, Scorpio, Scott Bond, Scott O'Hara, Scott Taylor, Sparky O'Toole, Steve Kennedy, Steve Kreig (aka: Steve Craig), Steve Loignon, *Steve Taylor, Thom Katt, Tim Kramer, Tony Bravo, Tyler Regan, *Wade Nichols, & Zeff Ryan.

01<Adam Porn (died 1991)
02<**Al Parker (died 8/17/1992; aka: Robert Okun Drew)
[Al Parker (active 1979-1992) was a gay pornstar. Not only was he one of the film directors, Al Parker was in the 1981 gay porn flick "Al Parker's Flashback," in which Scott Taylor and Steve Taylor were also in (who both died with Aids/HIV too). He was in 1983's gay porn flick "Games," in which Johnny Dawes (died 1989) was also in that film.]
03<Alex Stone (died 1996)
04<Arthur Bressan, Jr. (died 1987)
05<Beau Matthews (died 7/20/1986)
[Also known as: Matthew Polchert Congelosi.]
06<Ben Barker (died 9/28/1995)
[Ben Barker (active 1980-1983) was a gay pornstar. He was in 1983's gay porn flick "Games," in which Johnny Dawes was also in that film.]
07<Bill Henson (died 2002; Aids/HIV with heroin)
08<Bill Harrison (died 10/18/1991)
09<Bob Shane (died 7/1/1997)
10<Brad Braverman (died 1/10/1996)
11<Brad Peters (died 5/31/1994; aka: Jeffrey Garrison Woodward)
12<Brandy Dalton (died August 4, 2006)
[Brandy Dalton was a gay male porn performer who began in the 1980's. Brandy past away from Aids/HIV 2006, but his gay porn partner Robert Woods past away from Aids/HIV earlier: 1995.]
13<Brett Ford (died 12/25/2001)
14<Buster (died 1991)
15<Casey Donovan (died 8/10/1987; John Calvin Culver)
16<Chet Thomas (died 3/23/1997)
17<**Chris Burns (died 2/26/1995; aka: Danny Joe Burns)
[Chris Burns was active in porn 1982-1995. Chris Burns was a gay pornstar in 25 original gay porn films. He was in "The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes" in 1983 in which John Holmes had performed gay male/male in also. Joey Yale who died of Aids/HIV in 1985 was also in this gay male porn film. Chris Burns was also in the gay porn flick: "Dangerous" which Steve Taylor was also in.]
18<Chris Ladd (died 11/14/1990; aka: Darwin Lee Moehle)
[Chris Ladd was a gay pornstar who was in gay flicks like Catalina Video Distributors 1989's "Full Service" which also starred Jake Corbin (died with Aids/HIV 1992).]
19<Chris Williams (died 9/11/1991; aka: Todd Dunning Bart)
20<Christopher Rage (died 4/24/1991; aka: Frederick Mongue)
21<*Chuck Holmes (died 9/9/2000; founder of Falcon Studios)
22<Chuck Vincent (died mid-1980's; film director)
23<Clint Lockner (died 6/17/1993)
[Clint Lockner was born 1943 in Lincoln Park (Michigan) and was in 1981's gay porn flick "Face To Face," and it was the only porn flick he had ever been in. Six compilations came out thereafter (derived from previous old footages) of "Best Of Colt Films" series 1986-1995 in which included the scene with Al Parker (died with Aids/HIV 1992).]
24<Craig Markle (died 1993)
25<Darryl Weld (died 7/24/1991)
26<Dave Connors
27<David Rockmore (died early-1990's)
28<Ed Dinakos (died 7/6/1994; aka: Michael Harris Glassman)
[Ed Dinakos was a gay pornstar in only four gay porn flicks (2 made 1990 & 2 made 1991), "Minute Man 6, 8 & 9" plus "Muscle Ranch!" He died with Aids/HIV 1994.]
29<*Eric Stone (died 12/24/1996)
[Eric Stone (aka: Roger John Zellner, Erik Stone) did both gay porn and straight porn all in the same period of time, whatever part he could get. He worked in porn up until the year he died.]
30<*Eric Strykler (died 2/19/1988; aka: Eric Stryker, gay)
[Eric Strykler was active in gay porn from 1980-1988. Eric died of Aids/HIV just a month prior to John Holmes who died with Aids/HIV also. In 1985 Eric Strykler was in the gay porn film "Thinking Big" which was directed by Joseph Yale (aka: Joey Yale who died of Aids/HIV 1985).]
31<Frank Vickers (died 2/24/1991; aka: Roger Koch)
32<Glen Dime (died 8/12/1992)
33<Glenn Steers (died 9/17/1994; aka: Rick Sommers, gay)
34<Gordon Grant (died early-1990's)
35<Jaap Penrat
36<Jake Corbin (died 9/27/1992; aka: John M. Aveno)
[Jake Corbin was a gay pornstar who was in gay flicks like Catalina Video Distributors 1989's "Full Service" which also starred Chris Ladd (died with Aids/HIV 1990).]
37<Jason Steele (died 2/25/1995)
38<Jeff Lawrence (died 7/31/1994)
[Jeff Lawrence was in only one gay porn flick: Sierra Pacific 1990's "Extra Sex" which also starred: Steve Kennedy (died with Aids/HIV late 1990's). After which, he directed around 20 gay flicks.]
39<Jeremy Brent (died 1980's; aka: Erron)
40<Jeremy Scott (died 5/28/1994; aka: Troy Andrew Myers)
41<**Jesse Koehler (died 1988; died the same year as John Holmes)
[Jesse Koehler who died with Aids/HIV was active in around 10 gay porn films 1982-1988 and had about 5 compilations until 1994 derived from previous old footages. Jesse was in the 1984 gay porn flick "King Size" which was directed by Joseph Yale (aka: Joey Yale who died of Aids/HIV 1985). Jesse was in 1984's "Boys Town - Going West Hollywood" which also starred: Rod Phillips (died with Aids/HIV 1993) and Tony Bravo (died with Aids/HIV 1990). Jesse was in LeSalon 1985's "Firsts" which also starred: Eric Stryker (died with Aids/HIV 1988) and Pierce Daniels (died with Aids/HIV 1995). Jesse was in 1985's "Hard Disk Drive" & "Stud Busters" which both also starred: Jason Steele (died with Aids/HIV 1995). Jesse was in Jocks Studio/Falcon 1985's "Getting It" which starred gay males: Alec Wayne, Bart Abrams, Biff Warner, Brandon Wilde, Brett Harris, Chris Allen, Chris Burns (died with Aids/HIV 1995), Chris Thompson, Cody Jameson, Dane Ford, David Ashfield, Dirk Cannon, Doug Gentry, Eric Stevens, Jeff Nichols, Jesse Koehler (died with Aids/HIV 1988), Jim Bentley, Joe Craig, John Hart, John Tracey, Jon King (died with Aids/HIV 1995), Lee Harding, Mark Webber, Peter North as Matt Ramsey (who does straight porn with females), Michael Dey, Peter Matthews, Procter Davis, Rick Donovan, Shawn Michaels (white/blonde hair; not the black Sean Michaels in straight porn), Steve Josephs, Tiege Thomas, Tony Garrett, and Vincent Hand.]
42<Jim Ed Thompson (died 1988)
43<Jim King (died 1986)
[Jim King was born in 1955. He was in only one original gay porn film: Surge 1982's "Turned On!" which also starred: Al Parker (died with Aids/HIV 1992), Beau Matthews (died with Aids/HIV 1986), Jim King (died with Aids/HIV 1986), Scott Taylor (died with Aids/HIV 1994), & others. The same exact stars were put out with the same exact old footage in a compilation by LeSalon in 1995 called "Al Parker's Turned On." It is basically the same film with a different title and different release date, not new footage. Jim King died with Aids/HIV 1986.]
44<Jim Moore (died 11/28/1988; aka: Ken Savoie)
45<Joe Simmons (died 10/2/1995)
46<Joe St. Marie (died 2006)
47<Joey Stefano (died 11/21/1994)
[Joey Stefano (aka: Nicholas Anthony Iacona Jr.), overdosed on drugs, died with Aids/HIV 1994. He was HIV Positive. He was a male gay porn performer who used a lot of drugs (cocaine/heroin). He worked under transvestite porn director Chi Chi Larue. Joey's last 3 films were 1994! He also worked under director Jeff Lawrence (died of Aids/HIV 1994) in Sierra Pacific 1990's "Undergear."]
48<v**Joey Yale (died 1985, gay pornstar)
[Joey Yale (aka: Joseph Yale; active 1978-1983; director 1983-1985) was a gay pornstar who died of Aids/HIV. Joey Yale worked directly with John Holmes in a gay male/male porn film in 1983 called: "The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes." This gay porn film was one of only four gay porn films Joey Yale ever did. What he did with performers who worked in the films he directed: was off the set or behind the scenes.]
49<***John Holmes (died 3/13/1988)
[John Holmes (active 1969-1988) was aka: Johnny Wadd, and his real name: John Curtis Estes. He was diagnosed with Aids/HIV 1985-1986, but did not tell other performers he was infected with Aids/HIV and carried the Aids virus. Several porn performers who had worked with John Holmes are also dead who had Aids/HIV, including Joey Yale, Lisa DeLeeuw, & Rene Bond. John Holmes was bis-xual. He had performed in a gay porn feature film and did around 400 original straight porn flicks. It is thought that John Holmes acquired Aids/HIV from Joey Yale when John Holmes was intimate with Joey Yale during the filming of 1983's gay porn flick: "The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes." John Holmes was diagnosed with Aids/HIV. Then John Holmes died with Aids/HIV three years later. John Holmes did straight porn before and after the filming of this gay porn flick. John Holmes crossed-over to the gay side, & it cost him his life... plus lives of others in straight porn.]
50<^**Johnny Dawes (died 7/25/1989; aka: Brian Lee)
[Johnny Dawes (active 1979-1989) was a gay pornstar who was in the 1983 gay porn flick "The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes." Johnny Dawes was in only 12 original gay porn flicks up through 1989, and there was one compilation derived from older footage pre-1989 that came out in 1999 (ten years after Johnny was dead), "Lets Swap Meet," in which his scene was not original unless you raised the dead.]
51<Johnny Rahm (died 2004)
52<Johnny Rey (died January 18, 2006)
[Johnny Rey died of Advanced Aids/HIV and Testicular Cancer. He was a gay porn performer and director. His x-boyfriend was Dino Phillips.]
53<Jon King (died 3/8/1995; aka: Jon Gaines, gay pornstar)
54<J.W. King (died 12/5/1986; aka: James Waldrop, gay pornstar)
55<Karen Dior (died August 25, 2004)
[Karen Dior, whose real name was Geoffrey Gann had changed his name to Geoffrey Karen Dior, was a porn performer & director active in porn from 1989-2002 in over 90 flicks... who died of Aids/HIV complications... cirrhosis of the liver. Karen looked like a woman, but had male parts. The he-she died of Aids complications: cirrhosis of the liver. Karen Dior had been in porn films like Las Vegas Video 1989's "Sharon And Karen" (in which Joey Stefano who died with Aids/HIV 1994 was also in) and Metro 1990's "Karen's Bi-line" ...both directed by Chi Chi LaRue in which the he-she worked with Sharon Kane & 5 or 6 other males, plus in Sin City Video 2000's "Beast." Karen Dior had also been in VCA Pictures 1992's "976" in which Kip Tyler was also in who died with Aids/HIV 1995. Karen Dior was also in the following gay flicks: Vivid Video 1998's "Trannyville," Pleasure Productions 2001's "A Real Man," Leisure Time 2002's "Farm Boy Fetishes," & Legend (Macho Man Video) 2002's "Man Juice 2." I actually didn't know before that straight porn production companies were working with gays or he-shes or putting out gay flicks too, until performers dieing left and right brought attention to the issue and fans were emailing me about it. I usually don't respond to fanmail. ...Karen Dior was in around 80 gay porn flicks, a lot of which were put out by straight porn companies. Karen had been in about 12 compilations derived from old footages and not originals on Karen. Although I've never worked with Geoffrey Karen Dior, some popular female performers have worked with this he-she such as Sharon Kane, not just gay males, rest in peace.]
56<Keith Anthoni (died 1991)
[Keith Anthoni was in only six gay porn flicks, and there are 3 compilations derived from those of old footages = 9 titles. He was active in gay porn from 1977-1984. He was in 1977's "El Paso Wrecking Co." which also starred: Richard Locke (died with Aids/HIV 1996). Keith Anthoni died with Aids/HIV 1991.]
57<Keith Ardent (died 9/9/1992)
58<Ken Diamond
59<Kip Tyler (died 1995)
[Kip Tyler's real name was Jack Hawkins. He passed away from Aids. He did gay porn films like: "Heat" and "Boys Will Be Boys."]
60<Kurt Houston (died 8/23/1997)
61<Kurt Marshall (died 10/10/1988; gay pornstar)
[His real name was James Allen Rideout Jr. He was in only three gay porn films. He had Aids/HIV. He died of AIDS-related kidney disease.]
62<Kristian Brooks (died September 2006)
[Kristian Brooks was a male porn performer who had Aids/HIV and past away from it at a hospice in Colorado.]
63<Kyle Hazzard (died 1/16/1988; aka: Edward Izzo)
64<Lance (died 5/26/1991; aka: David Alan Reis, gay pornstar)
65<Lee Richards (died 1985)
66<Lee Ryder (died 7/10/1991; gay)
67<Lei Lani (died 2/4/1993)
[Lei Lani was a Russian she-male who while with Aids had suffered psychological turmoil. Lei Lani's lover was Rick Donovan.]
68<Lon Flexx (died 9/15/1995)
69<Luc Colton (died 5/18/1993)
70<Lucky Luc (died 3/2/1992)
71<Luke (died 6/20/1989; aka: Phillip Wagner)
72<Marc Stevens (died 1989; gay)
73<Marco Vassi (died of Aids/HIV)
[Marco Vassi was a porn performer & writer/journalist.]
74<*Mason Flynt (died 1/4/2002)
75<Matt Gunther (died 5/27/1997; gay pornstar)
76<Melchor Diaz (died 1995; gay porn performer in "Dynastud")
77<*Mike Davis (died 1/19/1986; real name: Winn Strickland)
[Mike Davis (active 1976-1986) had worked directly with Johnny Dawes in the 1983 gay porn flick "Games!" Johnny Dawes was in the 1983 gay porn flick of *John Holmes (see further above).]
78<Morelle DeKeigh (died 1994; pre-op transsexual)
79<Nice Kevin Mooney (died 2004)
80<Nick Elliot (died 9/2/1990; Cinematographer)
81<Nick Rogers
82<Paul Pellettieri (died October 1993)
83<*Pierce Daniels (died 7/8/1995)
[Pierce Daniels (active 1984-1994) was a gay pornstar in the 1985 gay porn film "Thinking Big" which was directed by Joseph Yale (aka: Joey Yale who died of Aids/HIV 1985).]
84<Richard Locke (died 9/25/1996; aka: Richard Holt Locke)
[Richard Locke did gay porn in around 10 gay flicks, 1 single-guy flick, & 5 compilations derived from old footages of previous films. He was in 1977's "El Paso Wrecking Co." which also starred: Keith Anthoni (died with Aids/HIV 1991).]
85<Rip Razor (died 1989)
86<R.J. Reynolds (died 1980's)
87<Robert Woods (died 1995)
[Robert Woods was a gay pornstar who died with Aids/HIV 1995. He had worked with gay pornstar Brandy Dalton who later died of Aids/HIV 8/4/2006.]
88<Rocky (died 12/7/2006)
[Rocky had Aids/HIV and acquired Cancer as one of the Aids-related diseases that evolved.]
89<Rod Phillips (died 1993, gay pornstar)
90<Ron Pearson (died 12/10/2001)
91<Roy Garret (died 4/3/1992)
92<*Rydar Hanson (died 10/18/1989; aka: Rydar Hansen)
[Rydar Hanson (active 1984-1985) was a gay pornstar in the 1985 gay porn film "Thinking Big" which was directed by Joseph Yale (aka: Joey Yale who died of Aids/HIV 1985). He did 7 original gay porn flicks, and after which all of the other 7 films that came out dated between 1987 until 2006 were compilations derived from old footages with Rydar of the 7 original films pre-1985.]
93<Scorpio (died 12/24/1998; gay pornstar)
94<Scott Bond (died 10/29/1993)
95<Scott O'Hara (died 2/18/1998, gay)
96<**Scott Taylor (died 12/22/1994; aka: Scott Taylor Hampton)
[Scott Taylor was a gay pornstar who was in 1981's "Al Parker's Flashback," in which Al Parker also died with Aids/HIV 1992.]
97<Sparky O'Toole (died 8/1999; aka: Donald Keith Paton)
98<Steve Kennedy (died late 1990's)
[aka: Luke Bender, Kennedy, Scott Plaisance]
99<Steve Kreig [Steve Craig] (died 9/13/1990)
[Steve Kreig/Craig is also known as George Joseph Dufour.]
100<Steve Loignon
101<***Steve Taylor (died 2007)
[Steve Taylor was a major name in straight porn! He was in around 400 porn films. He had also been in gay porn with Al Parker and Scott Taylor who had died with Aids/HIV years earlier. He was in gay porn films which also starred Ben Barker, Chris Burns, Johnny Dawes, & Lon Flexx, who all also died with Aids/HIV. If you didn't know this, yes this is true. There have been many gay porn performers who crossed-over to straight porn that did not tell the females they work with that they were previously in gay porn, and with over 100 dead gay pornstars who died with Aids/HIV... you would think the porn industry would be keeping track of the cross-overs in order to monitor risk factors.]
102<Thom Katt (aka: Original Thom Katt)
[This was the original Thom Katt in films: "Cult Of Manhood" and "Show It Hard."]
103<Tim Kramer (died 4/15/1992; aka: Douglas Murrell Cooper)
104<Tony Bravo (died 7/25/1990; aka: Michael Pietri)
105<Tyler Regan (died October 1993)
106<Val Martin
107<*Wade Nichols (died 1/28/1985; bi-s-xual, aka: Dennis Parker)
108<Zeff Ryan (died January 1994; aka: Jeff Ryan

Yes, there needs to come a time when there are no more secrets about gay adult films and the performers in them, especially when many cross over to straight adult films and mainstream. Over 100 gay adult performers have died with Aids/HIV, and many of these performers worked together on sets in films, TOGETHER! Even some straight female performers who worked with gay male performers who are bi are now infected with Aids/HIV or have died with it, females infected by bi-gay male performers. There have been over one hundred people in the adult porn industry who have died with Aids/HIV and many other adult porn performers who were infected with Aids/HIV. Worldwide, over 30-million people have died of Aids/HIV and over 40-million have been infected with the HIV virus. If you previously thought it's difficult to catch Aids/HIV and that it rarely happens... you were not being truthful to yourself... and now you know that in fact performers in the industry have died with Aids/HIV and others are infected with it. The cells of the Aids virus can remain dormant in the body long term. If those cells become active, then HIV develops into stages... slowly deteriorating the human body... breaking down the human defenses, and at some point... HIV is infectious and spreadable from one human to another. The most common ways it is spread is through (1) an-l intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids & (2) infected needles or transfusions. Both men and women can catch Aids/HIV, and there have been many cases of both men and women having caught Aids/HIV or died from it in the adult porn industry. If you are a performer currently working in the adult porn industry, it is highly recommended that you use safe adult practices and make sure both you and your partner have recently both taken the PCR-DNA blood test. It's better to be safe than sorry... or with this virus... it's better to be safe than dead. If you are a performer that has worked with anyone on the above lists (straight or gay lists) make sure to get tested with the PCR-DNA and always use safe adult practices as it is your responcibility not to put others at risk. It is not my responcibility to do that for you! There are are internal protective products that can be used by the females and gay male takers that won't show on camera... at least use that with Nonoxynol-9! Take that responcibility yourself as it is your health and life at stake! If you're going to perform like an adult, stock up on safe adult products, then be careful what you do. To parents, whenever you're lecturing your older teenagers, make sure to tell them what the risk factors are of contracting Aids/HIV and other STD's, how they must use protective intimate products to reduce risk factors, and all about the Aids/HIV outbreak in the adult industry... just in case they get it in the back of their head to go do these films without telling you. You see so many younger people in these films nowadays, and I'm sure their parents didn't have this info to lecture them with. Use it wisely, so you can protect your kids!

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