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An e-zine is an online magazine. This is not a gossip column. The articles here revolve around moviestars, adult filmstars, and health effects or tragedies, awareness and factual info.

In both mainstream and adult films there have been revealing footages. Let me tell you about the history of adult material in motion pictures and videography...
     Performers unclothed and intimacy between adults have been portrayed in sculptures as far back as ancient history, carved into stoned artworks. During the days of the ancient world, the Roman Empire considered public n-dity a reflection of the person's social status. During the Gauls of ancient France soldiers fought unclothed. In 1916 Audrey Munson appeared nud- in a motion picture, "Inspiration," the first American film to feature nud-ty. Several early films of the black & white silent era and early sound era featured nud-ty, and their justification had been that it was relevant to a historical or religious context. The film "Dante's Inferno" featured women who were fully unclothed suffering in the bowels of hell (religious context). The early "Tarzan" films featured partial nud-ty (topless natives) justified by the natural surroundings in which the characters lived. Due to objections voiced by several groups, scenes of nud-ty were forbidden in films from the major American studios from 1934 until the late 1960's under the Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hayes Code. That did not prevent cinematic displays of nud-ty in the U.S. (such as in 1954's nudist film "Garden of Eden") in naturist quasi-documentary films (claiming to depict the lifestyles of members of the nudism or naturist movement) and foreign films. The Hayes Code also did not prevent early pornographic films from evolving. At that time (1960's through 1970's) there was limited means of distribution and porn films were not widely seen. The boom of the porn industry started off in the 1980's when adult bookstores were opening up all over the country, and thanks to technology of the 1990's and the internet... porn is now a multi-billion dollar online adult retail industry of the 2000's with universal exploitation and unlimited means of distribution at the click of a button. Under the impression that the films would have temporary and limited distribution means... for a mere couple of hundred dollars or couple of thousand dollars and no loyalties nor gratuities, the performers who have put their health at risk in porn films would be exploited online for the whole world to have unlimited access to. Once the internet evolved, there was no going back and changing the past nor taking back whatever has already been done. It is a harsh and regrettable lesson to learn and to have to suffer the consequences of.
     From 1934 until the late 1960's under the Hayes Code (Motion Picture Production Code) scenes where the performers were unclothed were forbidden in films from the major American studios. This didn't prevent cinematic displays of performers being unclothed in the U.S. when it came to filming that was not done by the major American studios and filming that was related to some educational or training plot, a historical event, a depiction of a certain lifestyle, nor from adult films which were not filmed by major American studios. The adult film industry used the defense of freedom of speech and expression, taking exploitation to as far as it could get away with. In 1998 Congress finally past the COPA (Child Online Protection Act). COPA protects minors from exposure to Internet Pornography by requiring that commercial adult websites containing indecent material that is harmful to minors use age verification mechanisms such as adult identification numbers or credit cards. This was supposed to prevent minors, especially young teenagers who frequent the internet, from viewing adult material online. It's now 2007, and a large percentage of adult retail sites online continue to allow just about anyone who can access the internet to view their sites, with images in plain view of performers unclothed in intimate acts... with no age verification being used, only a short note telling the viewer they must be over 18 or 21 where prohibited to view the material... YET IT'S ALL VIEWABLE BY MINORS!!! What's worse than that is that there are sites online that are also viewable by minors and young adults with bestiality showing females with actual animals in intimate acts, with no age verification prior to viewing this. The majority of that comes from foreign websites in foreign countries, but can be viewed off of host sites run out of the U.S. more than often. If bestiality isn't too extreme then what is? How come these adult websites are able to get away with allowing anyone to view this adult material without age verification? Especially since the contents of these sites are far too extreme and its contents is definately harmful to the viewers, definately! Come on now, I've spoken to a lot of young adults, and they've all seen this stuff online, even to my surprise. I have no problem with adult retailers selling adult films online who don't show the unclothed performers in intimate acts (whether it be on the back boxcovers or previews), but I do think that if you're going to show the whole shubang... the COPA requirement of obtaining age verification should be enforced prior to showing the whole shubang... unless these certain adult retailers really are trying to allow young people who are minors access. Most of us filter out adult contents, but some of what you're filtering out is what should not even be allowed under COPA. Most people won't bother to check into this adult stuff, because they are even more afraid of these sites breaching browser security or implanting cookies and viruses. I think it is a great injustice, a great injustice... what has been going on online. I feel most sorry for those poor performers though, being exploited in that manner for the whole world to see online, rather than just in the films if a consumer purchased it. It's by my opinion callous and malicious how the performers were exploited online in the manner which they were and how young viewers who are teenagers and yet still minors are able to view this extreme adult material easily and with full access and no age verification.

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